A communication agency, a web agency, and much more…

IKADIA is a communication and digital agency, specialising in all media both for companies’ internal and external needs.

What makes us stand out from others is our passion for images, colour, visual identity and our pleasure in accompanying our clients. Our small team enables us to be flexible, reactive, and at your disposal, dedicated to all the projects we are entrusted with.

Like a big agency, IKADIA is solid and creative with talents in all fields of expertise, so we can satisfy you in the best possible way through our graphic designs and our advice in marketing communication.

We value being responsive, trustworthy, reactive, creative and convivial.

Oh and one more! We are easy to reach!

IKADIA was founded thanks to our passion for communication

IKADIA was founded in 2010, in France, by two freelance graphic designers, Olivier Bernardi and Marie Alix Dornel.

Today there are about ten employees and more than 50 regular clients in France and the U.K.

Our communication agency includes creative designers and technicians capable of satisfying all types of projects, from creating logos, posters, company brochures, motion design, organising newsletter campagns and website show cases and optimisation of goods for Google visibility.

Creativity also requires rigor

IKADIA has been able to set up a method of working guaranteeing the success of its projects. Our project manager will be attentive to your needs and will be able to advise you in the choice of the best strategy to follow.


Olivier BERNARDICo-Founder

Marie-Alix DORNEL

Marie-Alix DORNELCo-Founder

Cultural shocks stimulate creativity.