You would like a logical marketing strategy

IKADIA helps brands in organising their marketing strategies. Our project managers will guarantee your communication is controlled and optimised according to your budget and a realistic strategy.


Writingspecification file

The main document for your marketing strategy

Our communication agency accompanies you in writing this fundamental document. The specification file is a crucial step in your communication strategy, guaranteeing the success of communication campaign. It establishes your thoughts, your needs, your expectations and your targets.

Analyse, go over the facts

We will accompany you in the writing of your specification file. First we will analyze your company and together we will define your needs, your expectations and the best strategy to adopt to carry out your communication campaign. Before editing your specification file, it is necessary to have a large and detailed vision of your competitors, of your internal structure and your budget, to be able to define together the targets of your communication strategy.

Develop your marketing project

After studying your current means of communication and editing a detailed specification file summarizing your needs and expectations, our creative teams and technicians will develop your tools. Our communication agency pays special attention to each step of your project to guarantee a quality result, respecting the strategy established, the delivery times and the specifications which you validated.

Make the most of your communication tools

Make the most of our advice on the most appropriate tools for your communication strategy. Our project managers will be able to advise you in the choice of communication supports best adapted to your target and to your market to make the most of their impact and to guarantee you a return on investments. Get advice from an experienced team and your actions and turnover will develop.


Etablishing acommunication plan

Structure your strategy to carry out your communication actions

Elaborating your communication plan enables you to make a list of planned actions thanks to the communication strategy and gives you a clear vision of the different steps to be put in place, the schedule to follow and the necessary time.

Choose quality

Our team will assist you in defining the target corresponding to your objectives. We carry out research to analyse your environment and your company’s possibilities. Moreover, We will help you create a message and define the strategy and the best tools.

Optimise your budget

You should have a precise vision of the budget available for your company’s communication. You can make the most of a budgetisation for the current action plans and a long term vision on the cost of your communication campaigns.

Demand rigeur

The different actions of your communication campaign are carefully defined so as to know precisely when your messages are to be sent to your targets. Our agency establishes a retro planning and calendar with the different stages : creation, correction, validation and distribution.

Prepare your future campaigns

Each communication campaign undergoes a study regarding the efficiency of the tools used in your communication strategy. The strategy of future campaigns can be adjusted by analysing the impact of each campaign.


Communication tools

Your choice is important !

Our communication agency will accompany you in the choice of your communication supports the best adapted to your targets, your needs and your budget.

Anticipate your actions

Be sure of your schedule and follow closely the main key stages of your project to make the best choices regarding communication media and tools. Not only will this enable you to save on costs but will make sure your message reaches the right target.

Communicate clearly and logically

Companies often put in place communication tools before defining any sort of strategy. Our agency helps you choose the tools adapted to your communication strategy.

Make the most of a large choice

Our communication agency can offer you a large choice of services which can bring you satisfaction and success in your communication strategy : paper tools, web & mobile tools, digital tools.