Creation of showcase website


We develop bespoke website

We’re experts in creating sites optimised to be well-placed on search engines.

IKADIA deals with your project from the beginning to the end: writing the specifications, benchmarking your competitors, searching for keywords to change referencing to visibility (SEO), writing the content, creating the website, choosing the domain name, hosting and maintenance.

Choose quality

A dedicated and experienced team, project managers, web designers, front and back developers, graphic designers are all at your service throughout the whole process of creating your web site. We develop impactful websites which are well-presented and user-friendly.

Demand a real visibility

Our expertise will help your visibility in natural search results (SEO) of your website placing your first in line in the results in Google. Your customers and prospects will be able to find you easily, which in turn increases your turnover. A website, well placed on the various search engines, will bring you a visibility essential to make you stand out from your competitors and thus transform web users into clients.

Become more autonomous

As experts in development with technologies such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, we can offer you solutions for you to manage your own website. We can update your content yourself , in person or remotely.

Progress without stress

We can offer you a supplementary maintenance service to guarantee the smooth running of your website. Websites are forever evolving and we remain at your disposal so your website performs well for years to come and ensure your data is regularly backed up.

Creating of an e-commerce site


Sell your products and developyour business with your online shop

Favour a customized online shop

Our team of experts can guarantee you a complete e-commerce site of quality, thanks to the unique graphic creation developed by technologies such as WooCommerce or Prestashop allowing you a greater freedom to manage your products. If you would like a customized back-office, our technicians can also help you out for this.

An e-commerce site must be visible

Our teams will be able to ensure you have an optimal visibility for your online shop by placing your site in the first pages of Google. The referencing strategy SEO is part of the process of the creation of a website by the IKADIA teams. We work with the most performant tools on the market to carry out our audits and to check the conformity of the optimisation of each of our web sites.

Reach your sales’ goals

Together we define the sales targets of your online shop. So you can reach them, we accompany you in the best online strategy to adopt to guarantee a successful project. Your internet site will become your ally in your digital strategy, guaranteeing you a maximum visibility to convert your visits into purchases.

Boost your e-marketing

We put into place a system of cross selling, or cross-selling with optimised and encouraging ergonomy which guide your customers in their buying processes. We can guarantee you get a maximum conversion rate and a user friendly experience to offer you an intuititative nagivation, fluide and quick for all internet users for all types of supports like smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Gain in autonomy

As experts in development on technologies such as WordPress, Joomla, we can offer you solutions which offer you the possibility to manage your web site yourself. We can train you on site or at distance, so you can manage yourself the updates of your contents, so you can write your news or change your photos.

Your website and the means of payment are safe

We can guarantee the security of all your purchasing channels and add safe of electronic payments so your customers can trust you. We can assure you complete security in your financial transactions. We’ll set up several payment solutions for you to reassure your customers and offer choice of payments.

Confirmed SEO consultant, optimize your referencing on Google

Optimize your digital communication thanks to a well positionned website.


An SEO consultant,is the guarantee of an internet site well placed on Google

You can increase your visibility if your site is well positioned.
A tried and tested methodology.

If you would like to develop your digital strategy, increase your visibility, draw the attention of your public and develop your services or products on a competitive market? SEO Consultant on Google, our team can offer you the possibility of gaining new markets, of increasing your turnover and to keep your current clients.

Analyse of your website

The first step involves analysing the actual structure of your web site. Our technicians will even study the code of your site to make sure that it respects the standard rules of the web which are necessary to optimize your position.

Benchmark of the competitors’ websites

All efficent natural selection undergoes a benchmark of your environment on the web and by setting up a strategy using key words. We study your market, your competitors and key words in order to optimise your semantic environment and to make the most of how internet users do research.

Optimisation of your web pages

After analyse, our SEO consultant will set up an action plan which will include if necessary, revising the tree stucture of your site, drafting appropriate web content taking into consideration the aforementioned and validated semantic, optimize the code of the site as well as the specific keywords, meta description, images, etc… so that your site becomes an optimized platform for SEO.

Study of your results

Using the best software on the market, we can analyse disturbing elements, we can implement possible SEO improvement tools, your competitors will be monitored closely and we can offer you detailed monthly reports so you have an up to date view on the improvement of your ranking.