AgendizeArt Direction, Newsletters Development


Agendize is a platform of customer commitment in real time. It offers solutions for customer service management and improves the user experience by allowing them to call, to chat, to make appointments, etc… In order to adapt its message to a targeted public, our agency was commissioned to create the responsive newsletters of Agendize.


How we accompanied Agendize?

The newsletter is a commercial message sent by email. It enables people to communicate on news, special offers or novelties to a targeted public.

Our communication agency was contacted to accompany Agendize in establishing its responsive newsletters. This seemed inevitable for us, as today almost half the number of emails received are consulted on mobile medias. Apart from this aspect of optimisation for a consultation on all medias (desktops, tablets, mobile phones) our team carries out a testing phase on mail boxes the most commonly used to make sure that our prospects and customers can easily read your commercial messages.

Even if we consider a newsletter as it means literally, as a news bulletin, it still remains a very important marketing tool. Inspite of what people may think, more and more companies use this means of communication.