Champagne Jaillant & c°Art Direction, Web development


The Champagne House Jaillant was founded in 1975 by Jean Pierre Jaillant, who planted the first vine plants of his vineyard. In the 2000s, his daughter Anne-Françoise wanted to continue the business and decided to develop the family business, and she added her personal touch as a modern lady looking forwards. This is how the cuvées City, Spirit, Lady and Rose saw the light.


How we accompanied Champagne Jaillant & C°?

Our agency was contacted to design a web site aiming to develop the activities of the Champagne House and to help in getting the name known. The idea was to show the image of a modern enterprise and to be found easily by those wishing to find out a little more about the exploitation and its products.The web Show Case created by IKADIA presents the philosophy, the cuvées and the services offered by Champagne Jaillant. It portrays both a dynamic and feminine image while conserving the precious authentic values of the Champagne House.



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