ESC GroupArt Direction, Brand Identity


Situated in Troyes, the ESC group is a Business school of Management offering a range of unique and diversified courses ranging from management to design. The group is spread over three campuses and offers a large programme, Management School, BBA ESC, Tourism, Prepa for social and health, Superior Design school, etc…


How we accompanied the ESC Group?

It is in this context that the ESC group consulted our communication agency requesting a new look and the creation of a sort of mascot type logo copying the university codes that we find in the USA management schools and in the American football teams. As the emblem of the association is the fox, it seemed natural to work on giving a special style to the animal, a sort of lifting aiming to make it look a bit more “American”.

There was a smell technical issue, that of having to really consider the design so that it could easily be reproduced on various textile supports, either by embroidering or silk printing, without it losing any of its force of legibility.

We sincerely hope that this mascot logo will accompany the students throughout time and bringing them all closer together in their association and their Business School.