Freaky FactoryArt Direction, Brand Identity


Our agency signed the creation of the logo for Freaky Factory. This company is located in Portugal, in Viana Do Castelo and is specialised in piercings and corporal modifications. IKADIA was contacted to create a logo, for the opening at the beginning of April 2016.


How we accompanied Freaky Factory?

Our creative team worked on the typography, the arabesque and the colorimetrie in black and white, when it rapidly became clear that this was the way to go in creating the visual identity which would represent the brand.

We would like to wish long life to Freaky Factory with its new visual identity, which, we hope will seduce all those who are fans of that small needle.

If you would like to create or update your visual identity with the help of a logo, our creative studio is on hand and at your disposal , we can use our skills to create an identity for you!