School of DesignArt Direction, Brand Identity


The ESC Group together various training courses for students. It is more than just a business school, today it also includes a School of Design as well as a School for Tourism. Up until now the Groupe’s communication was managed under just one same identity. In order to enhance each different section, the strategy has been changed and each school can now enjoy its own identity.


How we accompanied the School of Design?

To begin, our communication agency was commissioned to create the logo and the graphic chart. We wanted to keep in step with the previous brand image, so the colour “violet” seemed a logical choice.

The Abbaye Saint Martin Es Aires, classified historic monument, represents the aesthetics of the town, which is why we used the inspiration of the various symbols whilst putting in place the visual identity of the ESD.

After it was declined on the various communication supports : business cards, kakemonos, stands, email signatures and presentation brochures. IKADIA also created the webdesign of the new website, which is based on the elements defined by the graphic chart.

If the previous logo of the Ecole de Design was associated with the Groupe ESC Troyes, today it enjoyes its own distinct identity.