TimberlandArt Direction, Print communication


Timberland is the mark of The Timberland Company, a textile company that manufactures and sells its own products. It specialises in “Outdoor” wear, in particular shoes. The shoes of the brand, which were originally designed for lumberjacks, are mainly used for walking sports, though they are still commonly used for every day life. The brand then diversified and started making watches, bags, and other objects.


How we accompanied Timberland?

IKADIA was commissioned by the boutiques “Timberland” and “The North Face” in Reims to help set up a system of customer loyalty. Both these boutiques are managed by the same person. We needed to find a way of making customers of one of the shops discover the other. Our agency created loyalty cards Timberland – The North Face. Our team considered two types of cards. The first destined to all the clients of the shop, offering discounts for each purchase in certain conditions. The second targeted special customers giving access to permanent advantages.

The “standard” loyalty card functions in a normal classical way by using a quick-drying stamp. The privilege card was printed on PVC in a credit card format, so as to be both of high quality and very practical.