TopSecArt Direction, Communication tool


The leader in automatic distribution of swimming articles, wanted to present the products of its brand of aquatic equipment “Swind”. These articles are designed for both expert and novice swimmers, and will be distributed in corners and automatic vending machines. In partnership with Laure Manaudou, the name TopSec Equipement also offers products from the LM Design range. When Laure Manaudou resigned from professional swimming she joined the company TopSec Equipement so together they could enjoy the experience of a professional swimmer combined with the know how of designer swimwear products and aiming to create the swimwear line LM Design.


How we accompanied TopSec?

The French company asked IKADIA to create a catalogue of products offered by “Swind”.

Our agency therefore made a 36 pages catalogue of products which is translated and distributed in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

If you too would like to create a catalogue of your products, our specialized teams in creation of printable communication media will help you throughout your project, from design to printing.